Our nation emerged from political oppression by embracing the ideals of government by consent of the people and protection of individual rights. Maintaining these ideals in practice is not guaranteed and requires our constant vigilance. Our current political establishment is not up to the task. It is overly influenced by it's major donors and special interests. We see this played out in issue after issue: amnesty, Common Core, redefinition of marriage and the family, secret trade legislation, government control of healthcare and unsustainable debt. There is a need for an independent perspective.


I am running for the U.S. Senate as an independent because the establishments of both political parties are not serving our national interests. I have been an attorney with a long-standing firm in Canton, Ohio for over twenty years. I have served with the United States Naval Reserve in the JAG Corps, retiring as a Commander. I am married with four children ages 15 through 21. I believe that our nation is a beautiful country, which flourished because of basic principles that served the higher good, and provided us a pathway to overcome our flaws. Those principles are now threatened by a misguided political culture, and they need to be defended. I will make that case, borrowing from the old tradition of the front porch campaign like those conducted in Ohio in the late 1800s by Presidents Garfield and McKinley. The difference is that the Internet will bring this front porch campaign to you, through the videos on this website.

The Front Porch Campaign

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