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What is Our Economy For?

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The Struggle Between Belief Systems (pt.1)

The Struggle Between Belief Systems (pt.2)

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Stockholm Syndrome

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I Support..


Legal Immigration, not Amnesty


Whatever levels of immigration we may decide on, we must be able to enforce our laws. Amnesty of any type will incentivize future waves of illegal immigration and not solve anything.


Local Control of Education, not Common Core


Federal control of testing drives the curriculum and permits a distant bureaucracy to incorporate its beliefs into what is taught.            My opponent votes to deny parental opt-out and for federal assessments of our children's social and emotional well-being.


Godly Marriage & Family, not Their Redefinition


Marriage and family are a way of life, a calling toward a future generation. They are based on an idea of right and wrong, a God concept. My opponents' redefinition  is based on making personal desires the foundation of one's actions. This is humanism which ultimately overrides all guidelines.


Fair Trade, not Secret Trade Legislation


Free trade is a good theory, but will not work for us unless implemented fairly. Recent trade deals and illegal immigration have reduced wages and jobs and must be rethought. Secret legislation is an invitation to cronyism and should not be allowed.


Fiscal Responsibility, not Corporate Cronyism & Unsustainable Debt


The Congressional Budget Office keeps warning that our debt practices are unsustainable. Another debt crisis like 2008 will be multiple times worse, yet the political class continues to place our economy and the safety net for those in need at increasing risk. My opponent's votes for corporate favors, such as the Ex-Im Bank, add to the threat. This must change.


The Value of Life, the Basis of All Our Rights


The basis of all rights is the concept that each life has an objective value, which is not dependent on personal preferences. Depriving the unborn of legal protection, not only takes a life, it denies the objective value of life, and undermines the basis of all our rights.


Economic Freedom, the Basis of Prosperity


Even Communist China now recognizes that economic freedom is necessary for prosperity. Excessive government programs and regulations limit job creation, as demonstrated by our current high levels of unemployment and underemployment. The benefits from employment far exceed the benefits government can provide.



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